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Volunteer Recruitment Web App used for Volunteer Recruitment across the UK and Worldwide

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Volunteer Recruitment Web App

PAAM App is a volunteer recruitment web app used across the UK and worldwide for volunteer recruitment.

PAAM helps organisations to meet and exceed volunteer expectations throughout their journey. Starting with initial contact and volunteer recruitment, through communication, scheduling, information distribution, in-person management, and ongoing volunteer administration.

PAAM is a tried and tested volunteer recruitment system used by a wide variety of organisations across multiple sectors, these include event and festival volunteer recruitment, workshops and education, hospitality and tourism, recruiting volunteers within the workplace and corporate volunteer recruitment.


Recruit volunteers using a fast and secure volunteer app


Schedule your volunteers into teams and shift patterns


Manage your volunteers using the PAAM Onsite app


Export volunteer reports for attendance and checks

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  • Using PAAM App has saved lots of time and confusion recruiting our volunteers through endless spreadsheets and google forms. We now have a fully function application that has made staffing our events so much easier. The team are super helpful and are quick to respond and adapt to what we need. Highly recommended. Clare Woodcock, The Nomad Cinema.
  • We signed up with PAAM App before a huge move for us - doubling the size of our event and the number of volunteers required. We received fantastic customer service from the team and were delighted with the ease of the application. We recruited more volunteers than ever before, and had an excellent turn out rate. We couldn't have done it without them, and look forward to continuing to work with them. Thank you PAAM App! Alice Bouquet, BrisFest.
  • We were pleased to be involved at the very inception of PAAM recruitment app and were delighted with the speed that additional features we sought for our particular requirements were implemented. PAAM App will again be our preferred recruitment app for the coming season. Dick Collins, DC Site Services.
  • PAAM App is easy to learn and use - the recruitment application helped organise the staff I required for a show in no time at all. One of the best features is that the staff need only login to their account to keep up to date. Fiona Ingram, Glastonbury Festival and Reading Festival.

How PAAM App can help

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Getting started with PAAM is quick and easy! You can add a new event with just the basic details, turn on applications, and let your volunteers know they can apply!

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PAAM can help you schedule your volunteers by grouping your different teams, for example you can setup a main group for your volunteer stewards, then sub-groups for shifts.

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You can manage your volunteers at the event using PAAM too! PAAM helps you to check-in your volunteers, allocate their equipment, and keep track of volunteer attendance.

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PAAM's export features help you when you need to collate information about your volunteers, for example when ordering uniform, running PNC and CRB checks.

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Used across the UK and worldwide

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Recruit your volunteers using a single Web App

PAAM App was developed by a team with over 30 years' experience in volunteer recruitment, designed from the ground up to consolidate the tasks required and reduce the time involved with recruiting volunteers.

Getting started with volunteer recruitment in PAAM is quick and easy, a new event can be added by just adding the basics such as how many volunteers you need to recruit, the event dates and times, location, roles, and any preliminary notes and information.

Once your event is setup in PAAM you can turn on applications and let your volunteers know using PAAM’s built-in and customisable email and SMS messaging.

When it comes to managing the volunteers you have recruited, PAAM makes this a simple and intuitive process. Your volunteer statistics are presented visually, allowing you to quickly see how many volunteers you’ve recruited and how many volunteers are waiting to be accepted. It’s then easy to select an event, review volunteer profiles, and accept applicants.

As your event moves closer you can add more information for your volunteers, this can be just simple notes, or more comprehensive documents for volunteers to download such as info packs, health and safety guidance, shift planners, and meeting schedules.

You can organise your volunteers in PAAM using the volunteer recruitment app’s scheduling systems. For example, to organise your volunteer teams you can add groups and sub-groups to a PAAM event. Once you’ve created your first event group, for instance volunteer stewards, you can then add sub-groups for the morning shift, the late shift, and the night shift. PAAM groups and sub-groups can be used to let volunteers know which team and shift they are in, distribute team specific information, check-in and check-out volunteers, and track volunteer attendance throughout an event.

When you need to export volunteer data before, during, and after an event, PAAM makes this a quick and easy process. The recruitment app includes standard exports for volunteer groups, shift assignment and attendance, uniform sizes, PNC and CRB checks.

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