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We're continually working with our clients, adding new features to their PAAM systems to help them get the most out of PAAM. Some of the most frequently requested features have become PAAM Add-ons which you can find below.

If you'd like to talk with us about incorporating a PAAM Add-on into your PAAM system, please get in touch.

Reference Request

The PAAM reference request feature allows for staff and volunteers to add one or more referees to their PAAM profile. Here the referee's name, position, email address, phone number and company can be included.

When a referee has been included on a PAAM profile, PAAM administrators can then request a reference for a staff member or volunteer with a click of a button.

On requesting a reference PAAM then sends out a reference request email with a custom link allowing the referee to complete an online reference.

PAAM administrators are notified via email once a reference has been completed by a referee, allowing for the reference to be viewed or downloaded.

Pre-event Shift Allocation

The PAAM Pre-event Shift Allocation feature allows PAAM administrators to upload a shift planner and set shift options for each event in PAAM.

Once a planner has been uploaded and shift options set, staff and volunteers can then login and indicate a preference against each shift pattern.

When assigning staff and volunteers to shifts in PAAM, or exporting data for manual processing, the shift preferences can then be taken into account.

When shifts are allocated ahead of time on staff and volunteer preferences it reduces the administration of allocating shifts onsite and dealing with shift change requests. Plus, the happier your staff and volunteers are with their shifts the better they will perform onsite and the less likely they are to cancel their position with you.

Meal Ordering

The PAAM Meal Ordering feature allows PAAM administrators to set days and times that meals are available at events.

Different groups can be assigned different options e.g. staff and volunteers in a group that only works certain days can only be shown meal options for the days they are working, or staff and volunteers working longer shifts can be shown more options e.g. 3 meals rather than 2.

Once event meals have been set, staff and volunteers can login and choose their meal options.

The staff and volunteer meal orders can then easily be exported to be passed to the catering team at your event.

Auto-group on Deposit Payment

The PAAM Auto-group on Deposit Payment feature allows for staff and volunteers to either:

  1. See and choose a group or shift pattern from those with spaces remaining before paying a deposit.
  2. Pay a deposit for the specific group or shift pattern they have been assigned to.

On receipt of the deposit payment, PAAM automatically accepts the staff member or volunteer into their chosen group or shift pattern saving PAAM administrators time.

Approval Process

The PAAM Approval Process feature helps when you have a process outside of PAAM, such as training, that staff and volunteers must complete before they can work for you.

Staff and volunteers can still signup, complete their application form, and apply to events, but they cannot be accepted to events until they have been approved by a member of your PAAM admin team.

When accepting new staff and volunteers to events the usual accept button shows as 'not approved' until a member of your PAAM admin team has marked the staff member or volunteer's account as approved.

External Event Pages

The PAAM External Event Pages feature makes promoting your event jobs and volunteer opportunities via your website and social channels even easier.

A unique link for each of your events in PAAM allows you to direct potential applicants to a web page with information about the event, this can include as role, dates, times, and a custom signup page.

After completing the usual account signup process from a PAAM External Event Page, applicants are then redirected to the specific event they showed interest in so they can apply to that event. This simplifies user flow through your PAAM system and increases staff and volunteer applications.