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How to work and volunteer at festivals and who to contact

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Leeds Festival Hotbox Events CAT volunteers

Working at a music festival is great fun, you get to meet loads of new people and watch some of your favourite bands at the same time. What could be better! If you're thinking about working at a festival this summer, there's a variety of different organisations you can contact and submit your details to. The options really vary which is great as it means you can choose who to apply to depending on what you fancy doing, if you'd prefer to work longer hours but get paid or work less hours and volunteer your time, if you're after free food, want to work by yourself or in a team... To help you decide how to get into working at festivals have a read of the PAAM festival software guide below which includes many of the best companies and organisations to work and volunteer with at UK Festivals and Events.

Hotbox Events

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Leeds Festival Kelly, Steph and Jo on a buggy

Hotbox Events recruits and manages event stewards and at some of the UK's best festivals. If you volunteer at festivals with Hotbox Events as a festival volunteer you'll be asked to work three eight hour shifts spread over the time that the festival is open to the public. In return for your work you'll receive a free festival ticket, camping in a secure crew campsite dedicated to the Hotbox team - close to crew toilets and showers! Because you only work three shifts, you’ll have plenty of time left to enjoy the festival too! Hotbox Events also has a paid event staff team on-site at each festival they work with - between 20 and 50 event staff, so if you're looking to volunteer or for paid event jobs Hotbox Events is a great place to start! Festivals you can work at: Download Festival, V Festival, Latitude Festival, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival.

DC Site Services (DCSS)

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Glastonbury Festival DC Site Services Clicker Event StaffDC Site Services provides a range of staff to a large range of events and festivals throughout the whole summer. Jobs available include anything from supervising fire towers to managing traffic in the car parks. Shift lengths vary but are typically 8-10 hours in length. DCSS is one of the very few stewarding companies that pays its staff and provides meal vouchers for the staff café. All staff also have access to crew camping, staff toilets and staff showers. Festivals you can work at (including): Glastonbury, Latitude, Golf Live, Big Chill, Reading, Leeds, Download, Taste Food Festivals, T in The Park, NASS, Rockness, Sonisphere, Red Bull Air Race, Proms in the Park...

Workers Beer Company (WBC)

Workers Beer Company is the company behind many of the bars at the UK’s major summer events and festivals. Interestingly, they are also a non for profit organisation and have helped raise over £5,000,000 for good causes since they started in 1986. As a volunteer you’ll typically work a six hour shift everyday in return for free entry, free beer and meal vouchers. Festivals you can work at (including): Glastonbury, Hop Farm, Latitude, Reading, Leeds, BBC Proms in The Park, Womad...

Nu Kleen Services

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Glastonbury Festival boy up pole

Nu Kleen provides cleaning staff and services such as toilet cleaning and litter picking to some of the UK’s largest music festivals. Nu Kleen don’t just provide staff for music festivals but also events such as trade shows, pub, restaurant and club based events, sporting events and seminars. Additional to their events arm Nu Kleen provides commercial office cleaning - this was actually where they started! So if you’re looking at cleaning as a career or would just like to earn some money and get into some festivals for free this summer Nu Kleen is a great place to start!


BrisFest (Bristol Festival) recruits hundreds of volunteers each year to help with managing the festival. The volunteers get involved with all sorts including building the festival site, working as stewards looking after the public when the event is on and clearing the festival site after the event has finished. Every volunteer receives a free ticket to the festival, a free t-shirt and access to the festivals VIP areas. BrisFest also offers the opportunity to join their Core Team which meets regularly throughout the year; planning and organising everything from artists and décor to roadways and cabins! If its experience you’re after BrisFest also offers internships and work placements. Festivals you can work at: BrisFest (Bristol Festival).


Oxfam’s stewarding arm provides over 5,000 stewards each year to festivals all over the UK. The festivals donate to Oxfam in return for the stewarding services and through this relationship every year Oxfam stewarding raises around a million pounds to help those living in poverty around the world. Oxfam provides its stewards with hot food, warm showers and crew camping. Festivals you can work at (including): Rockness, Download, Glastonbury, Latitude, WOMAD, Camp Bestival, Big Chill, Reading, Leeds...

Festival Republic - Environmental Health Monitors (EHOs)

Festival Republic’s EHO volunteers monitor the sanitation on Festival Republic’s festival sites. The EHO posts are particularly suitable for students studying for qualifications in Environmental Studies or Environmental Health. Volunteers are responsible for inspecting campsites, guest and production areas for a build-up of litter, inspecting toilet blocks to make sure that toilet roll, signage and lighting is functional, inspecting hand-washing facilities and water points. Volunteers work three eight hour shifts or four six hour shifts during the festival. More info and details of how to apply can be found on the festival websites (rather than the main Festival Republic website). Festivals you can volunteer at: Latitude, Reading, Leeds, Big Chill.

Festival Republic - Green Messengers

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Leeds Festival Hotbox Events arena volunteersFestival Republic’s Green Messengers do exactly that – promote the green message to festival goers at Festival Republic’s festivals! The Green Messengers responsibilities include handing out bin bags to festival goers on arrival, informing the campers about the recycling initiatives – in particular asking people to take their gear home with them. The Green Messengers also manage the recycling bins throughout the festival sites – making sure the right stuff goes in the right bin! Volunteers give twenty four hours of their time during the festival for free entry, access to staff camping, showers and toilets! Again more info and details of how to apply to be a Green Messenger can be found on the festival websites (rather than the main Festival Republic website). Festivals you can volunteer at: Latitude, Reading, Leeds, Big Chill.

Seed Staff

Seed Staff recruits university students and young people looking to gain experience in the event industry. Working with event experts Seed Staff provides training and support for its staff, thus offering both enjoyable and valuable event experience. The positions offered by Seed Staff include crowd and traffic safety, artist liaison, production staff, stage crew, hospitality and promotional staff. Seed Staff’s event positions are both paid and voluntary depending on the role and event. You can find further information via the Seed Staff website. Festivals you can work at include: Beachbreak Live, Relentless Boardmasters, Lounge on the Farm, LolliBop, Festival No. 6, Relentless NASS, Hevy Music Festival, Hop Farm Festival, Snowbombing, Magic Loungeabout, Relentless Freeze...

Peppermint Bars and Citrus Event Staffing

Peppermint Bars provide both the bars and bar staff for events of all sizes from one day music concerts and boutique festivals to full-on weekend long camping festivals. Bar staff are paid and recruited via Citrus Event Staffing. Citrus Event Staffing not only provides bar staff but entertainers including stilt walkers, fire eaters, jugglers, burlesque dancers, face painters, acrobats, stewards, promotional staff and more! Festivals you can work at (including): Bestival, Secret Garden Party, Field Day, Polo in the Park, Beach Break Live, Glade Festival, Rockness Festival, Camp Bestival, T4 on the Beach, Henley Regatta...

Midland Fire Protection Services

Midland Fire Protection Services provide fire protection and safety services for all sorts of outdoor events including many of the UK’s largest music festivals. Midland provides a wealth of services including consultancy and training to onsite standby and helicopter cover! Additional to their events arm Midland Fire works with the film and TV industries providing film set, studio and location cover, in shot and action vehicles, training and first aid. Festivals you can work at (including): Party in the Park, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, V Festival, WOMAD Festival...


How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Latitude Festival Quest, Mark and a CAT volunteerActionAid works to tackle the effects of poverty across the globe. With more than two thousand civil society partners worldwide ActionAid works with and supports the poorest and most vulnerable people; fighting for and gaining their rights to food, shelter, work, basic healthcare and a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. You can volunteer with ActionAid to take the ‘Bollocks to Poverty’ message to festival and event goers; getting them interested in what ActionAid does. Festivals you can volunteer at (include): Beach Break Live Festival, Underage Festival...

Orange Festival Foods

Orange Festival Foods is a family run business that supplies catering services for event staff working at music festivals. Orange Festival Foods supplies everything from the chefs and serving staff to the kitchens, marquees, tables and chairs! Orange Festival Foods offers both paid staff and voluntary positions in the crew kitchens. The hours vary depending on the role and festival but all of Orange’s staff and volunteers receive free food whilst they are working and a free ticket to the festival. Festivals you can work at include: Glastonbury Festival, Latitude Festival and Leeds Festival.

Event Medical Services (EMS)

Event Medical Services (EMS) provides medical staff and support services to a wealth of music festivals and music events in the UK. EMS’ services include first aid, ambulance supply and staffing, trained medics, doctors and nurses, response vehicles and staffing, onsite treatment centres and first aid point supply and staffing. Additional to EMS’ festival arm the company provides medical staff and services to sporting events including track and field and extreme sports, exhibitions, motorsport, film and TV and air shows.

Specialized Security

Specialized Security supplies security stewarding staff and crowd management services to a diverse array of UK festivals and events. Specialized Security are well known for providing security staff across festivals from campsites to the main stage pit areas. Through Specialized Security’s training arm (Specialized Training) the company provides both SIA and sector specific training. Additional to their festival arm Specialized Security train and provide staff for exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, the retail sector, community and door supervision. Festivals you can work at (include): Glastonbury Festival, Reading Festival and The Royal Highland Show...

Cash and Traffic Management (CTM)

Cash and Traffic Management (CTM) provides and manages traffic admission stewards at numerous UK festivals and events. CTM’s traffic services include traffic planning, car parking, plus dealing with road closures and park and ride services. CTM’s admission control services are focused around programme sales, box office management, ticket sales and ticket checking and wristbanding. Festivals you can work at (include): Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, Burghley Horse Trials, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival and Latitude Festival...

Gainsborough Security

How to work at music festivals and who to contact - Leeds Festival Hotbox Events volunteers in Security ControlGainsborough Security is an ACS, SIA approved contractor which supplies security and stewarding services to festivals and events all over the UK and Ireland and has been doing so for more than twenty years. Additional to their festival arm Gainsborough provides staff and services to the Earls Court, Olympia and ExCel London venues, offers front of house and reception security, valet parking and traffic management, door supervisors, promotional staff, CCTV monitoring and control room staff. Festivals you can work at (include): Glastonbury Festival, Latitude Festival, The Big Chill Festival, Leeds Festival, Electric Picnic...

Festival Medical Services (FMS)

Festival Medical Services (FMS) is a charitable trust that provides trained medical and administrative personnel including doctors, nurses, paramedics and first responders to some of the UK’s largest festivals and events. Festivals you can volunteer at (include): Glastonbury Festival, Reading Festival, The Royal Bath and West Show, Glastonbury Extravaganza, The Pilton Party...

Your comments

Marc Suffolk said

November 21, 2011

Hi Me and a friend of mine, both licencee's are looking into setting up a business like 'peppermint bars' we can obviously supply everythign needed but wandered how to get into it and who to contact regarding renting plots at festivals, obviously starting at smaller events? any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated Marc Suffolk

Mark Hatchard said

November 28, 2011

Hi Marc, If you'd like to start trading at festivals you need to get in touch with the events direct and usually submit an application. Make sure you do this well in advance as the deadlines are usually a lot earlier than you might think. If you send an email through to the main festival enquiry address or give them a buzz they can then put you in touch with their 'trader manager' or point you in the direction of the application process. You should be able to find contact info on the website for each festival you're looking at getting involved with. You can find some example info about trading at Glastonbury Festival here: As it's such a large festival they have a well-established process - some of the smaller festivals may well work differently. Hope that helps and good luck!

Brian Carson said

December 13, 2011

while the entry for Worker’s Beer is correct what it does not explain is that a private individual cannot apply direct to The Workers Beer Company { WBC for short } A person has to contact a official WBC Organiser such as myself - I get asked loads of times how it works so I have made up some information pages starting at The Main Problem is people tend to look for jobs in the summer when in fact the best time to Volunteer is in the Winter { deadline is March/April }

Pat Gaffney said

December 14, 2011

Hey, I am currently studying for a masters degree in International Events Management with the ambiton to work in music events specifically and wanted to know how to contact events organisers and companies to gain work experience and / or employment next summer. Any information would be graciously recieved. Patrick.

Mark Hatchard said

December 15, 2011

Hi Patrick, Most event organisers and promoters offer work experience and voluntary roles, these give you the opportunity to make some contacts and prove that you can work well in an event environment. Both work experience and voluntary positions can and do lead to paid roles. You can try contacting a promoter such as Festival Republic ( direct – the company that runs the Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Latitude Festival, The Big Chill Festival, Hove Festival and more. You may well be able to gain an on-site assistant position, for example in one of the offices such as Production or Licensing. You can find Festival Republic’s contact details here Festival Republic also has a careers page which is worth keeping an eye on as jobs are often posted, you can find that here Another option is to apply to work with one or more of the contractors listed in the original post above – either as a volunteer or paid member of staff depending on the time you have available and the experience you're looking to gain. As with any industry the more experience you gain the more valuable you will be to an event and festival organiser. Although it sounds as though you're aim is to work direct for an event organiser / promoter, starting with a contractor is often an easier route in and will allow you to start making the contacts you'll need. It's unlikely the first few positions you gain will be your dream job but don't underestimate the importance of being in the right place at the right time! Best of luck!

Anne White said

February 10, 2012

Is it possible for an 18 beginner (2-day intensive sound engineering course) to shadow/assist sound engineers at festivals? If so, can you advise which firms to contact? Happy to work on a voluntary or paid basis and to make tea/coffee/collect beer and run other errands. Thank you

Mark Hatchard said

February 16, 2012

Hi Anne, Many event companies offer work experience placements although they are very sought after. You'll need to get in touch with the sound production companies (suppliers) rather than the festivals or promoters. For example Entec Sound & Light ( Call them, email them and post them your CV. If you don’t hear anything – do it again! The worst that can happen is they say they can’t offer anything. Have a search for similar companies – the more you approach the more likely you are to get a placement. We've also passed your enquiry to one of the large UK festival promoters and will let you know if they have any further suggestions. Good luck!

Mark Hatchard said

February 20, 2012

Hi Anne, A follow up on the above - we've chatted with Festival Republic (the company behind the Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Latitude Festival...) – they can't offer sound engineering placements as it conflicts with the intern arrangements they already have in place with Leeds Met. We're not sure if you're interested in any other areas of event and festival production? If you are you might want to check out the new internship and apprenticeship schemes that the Reading and Leeds Festivals have just announced for 2012! Again, best of luck.

Ross said

March 13, 2012

Is there any way to actually volunteer without signing up to things and putting huge deposits down? I swear you used to be able to just send your cv off somewhere and they offered you a volunteer position? Does anyone know any company that still volunteers the right way? I would be happy to pick litter for no money for 8 hours a day if I got to see some good bands! the deposit system doesn't give everyone a fair chance!

Mark Hatchard said

March 14, 2012

Hi Ross, We've worked with festival staff and volunteer recruitment and management since the early nineties and also remember when things were different. The requirement for deposits became a necessity about ten years ago. Unfortunately, up to 50% of staff and volunteers were either applying but not bothering to turn up, or they were turning up and then running away into the festival or event once they had their crew pass. This leaving the company managing the staff or volunteers and the festival or event understaffed. It's a real shame. There are festivals and events out there that don't ask for a deposit, these are mostly outside of the UK though. That said, it is a trust thing – at least some of the UK companies only ask for a deposit the first few times you work with them.

Charli said

May 19, 2012

Hi, I am a second year medical student and also recently started work as a healthcare support worker; would there be any medical work I could volunteer with? Thanks, Charli

Mark Hatchard said

May 20, 2012

Hi Charli, Most of the festival and event medical teams take on medical students as volunteers. If you contact them direct they should be able to help. Try Event Medical Services (EMS) and Festival Medical Services (FMS). Best of luck!

gregg said

June 12, 2012

I just got back from download festival and while i was there i found myself thinking, I'd love to work at festivals as an electrician. I'v been an electrician for 5 years and am a keen festival goer, so wondered if there was any advice on how to get into it. Any info. would be great, thanks.

Mark Hatchard said

June 13, 2012

Hi Gregg, Event and festival power requirements including the equipment and the electricians who look after it all are supplied by contractors. Two of the largest in the UK are Innovation Power Ltd and Aggreko Event Services. Try giving them a call or sending them an email and you may be able to join the team for all sorts of festivals and events! Best of luck!

Stu Hargreaves said

June 21, 2012

Hi, I'm volunteering for hotbox at Latitude in Bravo 1 team (great shift pattern by the way). I haven't got a clue what jobs I will be expected to do. Any ideas what I can expect. Thanks really looking forward to it.

Mark Hatchard said

June 22, 2012

Hi Stu, Your best bet is to head over to the Hotbox Events Festival Forum or Hotbox Events Facebook Page where there are lots of guys chatting about working and volunteering at Latitude Festival. Many have been before - especially on the forum - so you can ask them what it's like! You could also have a look through the festival photo galleries. The Latitude Festival Jobs and Volunteering Page on the Hotbox Events website also includes lots of info about what you'll be getting up to. Hope you have a great festival! Come back and let us know what working at the festival was like!

Charlie said

August 5, 2012

I'm a journalism student and I've just finished my second year at uni. I'm off to spain for a year but when I get back in July i want to have some fun at festivals. At the same time I feel I should be doing some work, ie internships etc. Any idea if there are any companies/magazines that pay for you to go to festivals providing you write reviews, blogs or things like that? Not looking for any pay, just want entry to some festivals and a bit of cv boosting at the same time. If you know if anything it would be great to hear! Thanks!

Mark Hatchard said

August 19, 2012

Hi Charlie, I think you'd be lucky to find some magazines to pay you for writing festival reviews and previews. You could try getting in touch with magazines such as the NME and see if you can get an internship. Festival Republic (festival and event promoter) ran some internship schemes in 2012 at the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival, these included working in the digital and social media departments. We're not sure if they'll be running them again in 2013 but it may be worth getting in touch with all the events direct. The easiest way to gain work at festivals is to volunteer with one of the many teams e.g. Hotbox Events. That'll get you in and give you the opportunity to make some contacts and ask some questions. Many who start working at festivals with companies like Hotbox Events end up working in other areas of the festivals after a year or two... Best of luck!

Sam Laing said

September 7, 2012

Hi, Im 24 and last year gave up working in the construction industry to try and break into the music industry as an audio engineer at live events, (hopefully festivals) I am now about to start my second year of my nvq level 3 music technology course at college and i also work past time as an audio and visual technician for a local AV company. I have worked sound and stage for live gigs and really enjoyed it so summer 2013 i would like to get into working the stage at festivals. Do you have any words of advice? contacs in the industry? or websites that would offer paid or volenteering oppertunitys? Sam

Mark Hatchard said

September 10, 2012

Hi Sam, If you're looking for a festival and event AV placement the best place to start would be to contact the companies that the promoters bring in to supply the sound and light for the stages. For example Entec Sound & Light ( Have a search for similar companies – the more you approach the more likely you are to get a placement. Another way in would be to contact the promoters direct, many offer voluntary placements at events. For example Festival Republic (festival and event promoter) ran some internship schemes in 2012 at the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival - both schemes included production and onsite placements. We’re not sure if they’ll be running them again in 2013 but it would be well worth getting in touch with as many festival and event promoters as you can find. Some may help by pointing you in the direction of the AV suppliers they use and may even give you a contact there to speak with. Best of luck and let us know how you get on!

Juby said

October 5, 2012

Hi, I've got 3 years of hands on festival experience working in various job roles. I was wondering if you know of any of the companies Glastonbury festival sub-contracts it's event management work to; as I would desperately love a core role at Glastonbury 2013. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Mark Hatchard said

October 10, 2012

Hi Juby, Lots has changed at Glastonbury Festival in 2012 – the operational management used to be split between Glastonbury Festival and Festival Republic. The Festival Republic interest in Glastonbury Festival was passed on to its parent company the Live Nation Group (LNG) in 2012. Many of those working on the operational side for the past ten years won’t be in future years. The creative side of the event management has always been run solely by Glastonbury Festival and continues to be. So as far as who is best for you to contact, apart from those listed above on this page, and on the Glastonbury Festival jobs page. You could try contacting Live Nation, although how much of the on-site event management they will actually be getting involved with is still unknown. A good way to make some contacts is to work for one of the many (40,000 in all!) contractors at the festival, once you've got your foot in the door you'll then have the chance to actually speak with staff on-site. Best of luck!

Mark Hatchard said

October 10, 2012

Hi everyone, For all those thinking about setting up as a trader at festivals in 2013 the Glastonbury Festival 2013 Traders Application went live today! If you'd like to apply to setup a stall at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival you need to apply before the 17th December 2012! Head over to the Glastonbury Festival website for further details. Hopefully see you there!

Jennifer Alberts said

December 22, 2012

I am looking to relocate to England from the US and am seeking employment in the festival industry. I have several years of experience working in Artist Relations. I've been thru all of the volunteer work experience of greeting, taking tickets, and more. However, I'm looking to make Event Planning a career choice, not just a few weekends a year choice. Any recommendations of production companies that are seeking long term employees? My only downfall is that I don't have formal education in event management. All of my knowledge comes from hands on training.

Mark Hatchard said

January 4, 2013

Hi Jennifer, We'd advise starting by contacting Festival Republic, Live Nation and MAMA. Festival Republic ( promotes and organises festivals and events such as Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Latitude Festival, Electric Picnic, Hove Festival and Berlin Festival. MAMA ( is the festival and event management company that runs Lovebox festival, The Great Escape festival, Global Gathering, Escape Into The Park, Wilderness Festival, and Vintage Festival. MAMA also runs London venues including the HMV Forum, Jazz Cafe, The Garage, The Borderline, Heaven, G-A-Y and Barfly Camden. Live Nation UK ( you're probably aware of – in the UK Live Nation promotes and manage events all over the UK including Download Festival, Rock Werchter, many of the Wembley Arena and O2 concerts. Best of luck!

Natalie Bell said

January 4, 2013

My friend and i were looking to travel around the UK festivals this summer and work either in food or drink stalls, really just looking for any kind of work related to the festivals.

Mark Hatchard said

January 4, 2013

Hi Natalie, All of the festival and event companies listed above offer work at festivals throughout the year. Many have online festival applications which usually open in Feb/Mar each year. Have a read through the post and check out some of their websites for further info. If you subscribe to their mailing lists, follow the companies on Twitter etc you'll be notified as soon as you're able to apply for the 2013 festival season. Best of luck!

Yasmin Atherton said

February 5, 2013

Hi, Myself and my Boyfriend have volunteered with Festival Republic for a few years now, we're part of the wristbanding team. This year we would like to fit more into the Summer. Do you know a way of applying for wristbanding positions at other festivals? Such as Glastonbury? Many thanks!

Mark Hatchard said

February 5, 2013

Hi Yasmin, At Glastonbury Oxfam provide many of the volunteer stewards including on the gates - about 1,300 volunteers in total! If you're looking for paid work DC Site Services provide about 550 paid staff to Glastonbury Festival including pedestrian and vehicle gate clickers (they count the number of people coming into and out of the festival site), caravan traffic marshals, fire tower staff and pedestrian zone marshals. Hope you get a spot!

Cara Harris said

February 25, 2013

Hi there, I am finishing uni in May and me and my boyfriend are hoping to work together at a few festivals to get a few funds started ready to go travelling. Do you know of any paying companies we could join? Many thanks, Cara

Mark Hatchard said

February 26, 2013

Hi Cara, Many of the event companies listed in the post above offer paid festival work. Some of the festival jobs you'll need experience and/or qualifications for but many you don't! Have a read through the post for full details but a few suggestions to get you started: DC Site Services, Hotbox Events, Seed Staff, Peppermint Bars and Events, CTM Traffic and Parking Hope you have a great summer working at some festivals!

Chiara said

February 26, 2013

Hi there, I have a quick question concerning volunteering, and have been searching the net for 2 hours now without success: I was lucky to get a litter-picking volunteer placement for Glastonbury. However, I am now supposed to send in my National Insurance number, which I do not have, as I am an Austrian citizen, living in Austria. Due to European Union agreements, it feels like it should be easy to get the volunteering spot anyway, even without the number, but i cannot find any information on this. Do you have any idea what rules and regulations apply to citizens of the EU? Thanks in advance and all the best from Austria!

Mark Hatchard said

February 26, 2013

Hi Chiara, There are strict rules about working and volunteering in the UK but as you're an EU citizen (and as long as you have an EU passport) you should be fine. For full details you can check the handy FAQ titled Borders and Immigration - proving your right to work and volunteer in the UK on the Hotbox Events website. Best of luck!

Angus Townsend said

May 2, 2013

Hey PAAM, I have worked for Hotbox at Latitude for two years now and its wonderful but I also wanted to look at other options. Do you know where I could find all the promotional work that seems to be going on each year such as the people handing out percy pigs for M and S etc? And also which jobs would ensure I didn't miss any evening music? Thank you. All the best, Angus

Mark Hatchard said

May 7, 2013

Hi Angus, When companies are looking for promotional staff for festivals and events they often source via promotional staff agencies - the type that supply for events, shops, exhibitions, trade shows and so on. If you search for 'promotional staff events' or 'promo staff events' you’ll find lots of agencies - most have online application systems so you can keep up to date and apply for jobs. As far as which jobs are best for not missing any music, a tricky one as this is basically a 'perfect world' event job! The only positions that come to mind are the EHO (Environmental Health Officer) volunteers - I believe they usually only work during the day but you’d need to check. Not all festivals have them but you can apply online for an EHO position at the Latitude or Leeds Festival at the mo. Oh perhaps also the Green Messengers / Green Police - the volunteers who promote green thinking e.g. recycling. I’ve only ever seen these guys working during the day but again please make sure you check the deal before applying. Best of luck!

Kamila said

May 19, 2013

Hi, I will be turning 16 next year and I would like to volunteer at a festival, I have been into music, concerts and festivals for a few years and have lots of expierence. I was wondering if I would have a chance at working at a festival like Reading or Download. I think its not fair how you have to be 18 or over now as 16 year olds used to be allowed to volunteer. All the best, Kamila

Mark Hatchard said

May 20, 2013

Hi Kamila, Yes the majority of festival volunteering positions are for those aged 18 or over - usually due to insurance restrictions. I know that some litter companies and catering companies recruit volunteers aged 16 plus so those could be worth looking into. Your best bet is to contact the festivals direct and ask them who they use to supply these volunteers and then seeing if you can apply to volunteer for the contractors. Best of luck!

Will said

May 21, 2013

Hey PAAM, I have experience working in festival bars and I have several years of experience as a barman in a pub, is there anyone still taking voluteers for Glastonbury 2013? I'd be happy to do any type of work! W

Mark Hatchard said

May 30, 2013

Hi Will, It’s a bit late in the day to be trying to find work or volunteering at Glastonbury Festival - you can try DC Site Services, Oxfam, and CTM Cash and Traffic Management which all supply staff and volunteers to Glastonbury but it’ll probably be a case of joining a waiting list and keeping your fingers crossed. We work closely with DC Site Services so know they do have a Glastonbury waiting list set-up - they have around 500 staff and may well be your best bet for a late spot. Best of luck!

Miss Jackie Finnen said

May 30, 2013

Hello, I'm interested in your paid work for the festivals. I have bar ,cleaning & door supervisor experience. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Hatchard said

May 30, 2013

Hi Jackie, If you have a read through the post above many of the companies supply staff to festivals and events. If you follow the links to their websites you can usually apply on-line. Good luck!

philip varney said

July 7, 2013

Hi i know its quite late but i am looking for some volunteer work at t in the park 2013 for a free ticket does anyone know if there are any jobs still going and if u do is there contact numbers for them? I will literally d0 anything lol. Thanks in advance and i hope someone can help.

Mark Hatchard said

July 9, 2013

Hi Philip, Festaff recruit volunteers to work at T in the Park - if you head to the Festaff website sure you'll be able to find contact info. Best of luck finding a spot!

Jakub Radny said

September 2, 2013

Hi Paam, I run a company that provides a rental service of mobile phone chargers to music festivals. We have only supported smaller independent festivals to date but would love to get out there and provide for the major UK festivals. Have you an idea of where I should go in order to get in touch with any of the larger players? Many Thanks, Jakub

Mark Hatchard said

September 3, 2013

Hi Jakub, All of the larger festivals and events usually have a dedicated trader manager. You may be able to find the trader contact details on the event websites you're interested in working with, if not contact the event or promoter direct and they’ll be able to put you in touch. Make sure you get in touch well in advance as the deadlines are usually far in advance of the events - as you’ll see from the above the Glastonbury Festival trader applications are accepted October to December the year before the festival. Hope that helps and good luck!

Tim said

April 6, 2014

Hi, I'm just inquiring about possible electrician jobs available at festivals. Is this something that's easy to get into? Have 10 years experience in the trade and would like a new challenge. Thanks

Mark Hatchard said

April 9, 2014

Hi Tim, All of the power and electrical needs for festivals and events - including the electricians who look after it all - are supplied by contractors rather than hired direct by the events themselves. Two of the largest event power contractors in the UK are Innovation Power Ltd and Aggreko Event Services. Try dropping them an email or giving their office a call to see if you can join the team! Best of luck!

Ciara said

April 23, 2014

Hi, I'm really interested in working in the production side of things at a festival this year. I've been doing an internship with an events management company for the last 6 months as part of my college course and I've continually been volunteering my time in previous years at events across the country. Are there any companies in Ireland that could help me get a bit more experience? Thanks!

Mark Hatchard said

April 29, 2014

Hi Ciara, As far as event management experience in Ireland, have you tried getting in touch with Festival Republic? Festival Republic is the company that organises the Electric Picnic and Longitude Festival which are both based in Ireland. Festival Republic has run internship schemes at the Reading and Leeds Festival so may run the same at Electric Picnic and Longitude Festival. Best of luck!

Manuel said

May 7, 2014

Hi, Outlook and Dimensions festivals elected me to volunteer at the festival but I don't know how to pay deposit. Can you help me? King regards, Manuel

Mark Hatchard said

May 8, 2014

Hi Manuel, You should be able to pay your festival deposit via your Outlook and Dimensions PAAM account. If you have any problems paying your deposit you can find details for the Outlook and Dimensions festivals via the contact page of your PAAM account (top menu once logged in). Have a great festival!

Joel said

August 6, 2014

Hi, I'm currently 17 years old with a first aid and lifeguarding qualification. I was wondering whether there might be a possibility of me volunteering at a festival like Secret Garden Party. There's also a lake there and I was thinking they could use someone with both qualifications. Is the age a problem? I could either work in the first aid department or as a lifeguard. Thanks

Mark Hatchard said

August 12, 2014

Hi Joel, Yes there may be. Often staff and volunteers for festivals need to be at least 18 years old but there is no harm in trying this year. For a role like this - where only a small number of staff or volunteers are required - it's best to try and contact the festival direct as the smaller teams are often handled in-house (rather than by one of the larger UK event staff and volunteer suppliers). If you head to the websites for the festivals you're interested in you'll probably find a 'get involved', 'jobs' or 'volunteer' page with contact details. Good luck!

Danny Hughes said

November 7, 2014

Hi I am currently a final year Product Design student at University of Brighton. For my final year project I am looking into creating a solution to help prevent/reduce accidents at festivals, specifically towards festival patrons. I'm currently carrying out the research phase for my project and have been looking into the types of accidents that occur at festivals and the most common types as well as the leading factors that result in these accidents. In order for me to narrow a specific problem area that needs to be addressed. I was wondering do you know of any medical services that work for the festival industry that be willing to share that data or any way I would be able to obtain this data? For example I'm interested in statistics on the number of people that visited medical stations during festivals? The types of injuries they encountered at a festival? Most common types of injuries they encountered at festivals? Factors that led to those accident? Festivals with the highest accident rates? Etc. Also in addition to this I was wanting to looking into the lighting that is used at festivals specifically the lighting used for the grounds and rest of the festival not just the stage. I was wondering if you have any details on which companies to approach in regards to this? Regards Danny Hughes

Mark Hatchard said

November 13, 2014

Hi Danny, There are a couple of festival medical companies listed above: Event Medical Services (EMS) and Festival Medical Services (FMS). Both work with festivals and events all over the UK and may well be able to help you with your research if you get in touch. You could also try contacting the festival organisers as they should all keep detailed records of all accidents and injuries onsite. As far as non-stage lighting, we’ve worked with 'Innovation Power' in the past so you could try getting in touch with them at Best of luck with your degree!

Cody said

September 15, 2015

Hi I'm 18 years old and have just past my electrical installion lvl 3 and am looking for some experience in the field, I'm wondering if I can volunteer at festivals and events to gain some valuable experience.who would be the best people to approach about this ? Thanks

Mark Hatchard said

September 21, 2015

Hi Cody, The power and electrical needs for all of the larger events and festivals including the electricians who look after it all are supplied by contractors rather than hired direct by the organisers and promoters themselves. So the organisers and promoters hire a company to supply their power needs and the company supplies all of the equipment and staff. So your best bet is to contact one of the specialist event and festival power companies. Two of the largest event power contractors in the UK are Innovation Power Ltd ( and Aggreko Event Services ( Try dropping them an email or giving their office a call to see if you can join the team! Best of luck!

James Prior said

January 3, 2017

My name is James Prior, I run a small business supplying event toilets, as an outdoor event I'm sure you are aware of the reputation of the loos that are used at many outdoor events, we attend many of the West Midlands' largest car boots and outdoor events, when there we keep the toilets clean, tidy, and smelling fresh for the use of the general public while your event is in progress. We can also offer soap, hand sanitizers, and hot water. If we can be of any use to V Festival please contact us. Thanks, James.

Mark Hatchard said

March 8, 2017

Hi James, PAAM is a staff and volunteer software application used for event staff and volunteer recruitment and management across the UK and Europe. If you'd like to offer your services to festivals and events you'll need to contact them direct. Best of luck!

Katie Haddow said

April 25, 2017

Please help- does anyone still know of anyone looking for volunteers for this years Glastonbury festival? Willing to do anything

Mark Hatchard said

May 12, 2017

Hi Katie, You could try DC Site Services, they recruit both paid festival staff and event volunteers for Glastonbury Festival. Hope you manage to get a place!

Nichola Clydesdale said

June 23, 2017

We are always recruiting for good festival staff, our agency is called Envisage Promotions

India said

July 15, 2017

HI, I'm currently 20 and studying for a Stage Management degree at Drama School in London. I'd love to shadow someone doing artist liaison/stage or tour management for music festivals. I'm going back home to Cornwall for the summer, do you have any idea on who would be the best company to contact? and if the possibility of shadowing is realistic? Thanks!